shop applied finishes specification

Shop applied coatings ensure a controlled environment in which the coating is being applied. You also don’t run the risk of other trades overlapping and potentially interfering with the paint work. There’s much higher quality and consistency when coatings are shop applied. High performance PVDF coatings offer strength and longevity like no other. To make sure that there is proper protection against chalking and fading, the correct formula is critical. Carbon-fluorine bonds are one of the strongest chemical bonds available. It’s this mix of ingredients that gives PVDF paints their stubborn resistance to chalking and erosion, as well as harsh airborne industrial and atmospheric pollutants. Out of all the coating options, PVDF coatings are the leaders when it comes to UV resistance, delivering an eco-friendly way to resist heat absorption from the sun. PVDF coatings help lower energy costs and keep occupants more comfortable and offer a long-lasting durability, performance and beauty.