Why should I choose Finishing Dynamics?

Since 2004, Finishing Dynamics continues to lead the way in sustainable practices and top quality finishes. We also offer engineering, fabrication and finishing all under one roof in partnership with our sister company, American Metalcraft. Because we are a horizontal line, we can paint a variety of profiles and shapes and have one of the largest capability windows in the Southeast – painting up to 38’ in length. Customers aren’t relegated to standard colors and can choose from almost limitless color options including micas, two-tones and splatter finishes. Post-fabrication painting offers the best protection of edges, covering welds and corners like no other process.

What types of products can you coat using PVDF?

We can coat aluminum architectural products such as coping, brake metal, wall panels, soffit and fascia panels, brackets, ornamental and perforated panels, frames, extrusions, custom shapes and so much more. We can also coat steel.*

Who manufacturers PVDF coating?

We are an approved applicator for Sherwin Williams, Valspar (now part of Sherwin Williams), and PPG.

How do I select a color?

We are here to help – Call us for more information on coating options for your project. If you’re looking to match an existing color, talk to us about the job and then send in what you have for matching. Not sure where to start and need some inspiration? Click here and review colors labeled as “extrusion.”


Once the color choice is made and approved, paint codes will be provided by customer prior to purchase order and # of coats.

What are your lead times?

Lead times vary – Custom color matches can take up to six weeks. Please allow two weeks for paint to arrive at Finishing Dynamics’ facility from the manufacturer.

What do I need to provide for a quote?

  • Location of job
  • Drawings including all part dimensions, measurements and paint exposures.
  • Paint code
  • Any warranty requirements

How should I prepare my material for paint?

  • Material should arrive free of oils, welding smut, oxidation, laser etch, marker or glue
  • Some material may require holes for hanging and/or draining purposes.
    FD will consult with customer on hole size and location prior to painting.
  • If material needs to be sanded before arriving at Finishing Dynamics, ideal grit is 400. Media blasting needs to be as fine as possible. We cannot accept sand blasted material.
  • Completely enclosed material should have weep holes and hanging holes.
  • Material must arrive dry

*Please note steel, anodized, galvanized or stainless as well as previously painted material will not carry a warranty of any kind.

*RS100 Rainscreen is a patented product of American Metalcraft.